Keeping Up With Cotillion - Happy December

Happy December, dear KUWC readers! 


It may feel like Santa is coming oh so soon, but you know what? He’s not. There, I said it. I’m sorry! There are, like, more than five hundred hours until Christmas, and you know how you should spend it? Shopping, of course, and also listening to holiday music, and cramming in as many viewings as possible of The Holiday, or The Grinch, or even some more objectively Christmas-themed movies, like Just Friends. 

But you should also spend them doing super fun Cotillion-related things that involve tacky sweaters and Chipotle. 

Here’s a refresher.

All Club Holiday Party // Saturday at The Foundry, 8pm

Grab your tickets in advance (or for a tad bit more at the door), don your most dashing holiday garb or paraphernalia, and enjoy an open bar, and—okay, here’s where I get confused on the details that were sent to me about this event—a DJ and live music. Are both a disc jockey and a band going to be in attendance at this event? That seems excessive, even for Calyx. Sure it could be a random typographical slip, but it could also be a potentially cacophonous sonic event that you’ll never forget. Either way, ticket sales will be donated to Genesis Women’s Shelter and Rays of Light, so it’s going to be great. 

Chipotle Fundraising Event // Dec. 6, 11-3

This is important: it’s at the McKinney Avenue location. 2705 McKinney Avenue. It would be really unfortunate to go up to an employee at a different Chipotle chain and whisper the words “Dallas Cotillion Club” in their ear, then have them stare back at you blankly. However, that’s not what you should be doing at the correct location anyway. You should just mention Dallas Cotillion Club in a normal tone, or show the attached flyer on your phone or print it out to have 50 percent of your purchase go directly to our beneficiary. Just do it at the aforementioned location, okay? 

Winter Membership Drive // NOW

Nominations are being accepted RIGHT NOW open (through Tuesday, December 13), and can be submitted here: