Keeping Up with Cotillion 3.10.2017

Hi Ladies!!

Hope everyone was able to celebrate this week's International Women's Day!! I love that we're updating you this week, as it is a wonderful reminder that you are SO intelligent, strong, and FABULOUS! 

Below are our Updates & Trust me you don't want to miss these!

Upcoming Events!!

  • Zynn 22 Cycle on March 30th!! - Ride with your fellow Cotillion ladies! Tickets to ride will be $22, versus the normal $30. Awesome discount, plus 100% of the proceeds from this event benefit Genesis Women's Shelter!! Truly AMAZING! 
  • Alice & Olivia (Highlandpark Village) - Shop with your gals next Thursday, March 16th!! Receive a 10% discount to all merchandise, while 10% of the sales proceeds benefit our Club!! Event will take place from 6 pm - 8 pm. Definitely thinking of accessories for Gala ...Talk about fabulous!!!


We're officially LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY from GALA!!! Can you believe it!!? Beyond Excited! 

  • Thanks to the ladies who have sent in their RSVP! You have made checking the PO Box so fun!! 
  • If you're interested in attending the President's Dinner beforehand, you must purchase dinner tickets 
  • *If not, we'll just see your beautiful faces at the Gala start time, 8:00pm. 
  • Fun Fact: Jan Langbein, the CEO of Genesis, and Bianca Jackson, Community & Fund Development Chair of Genesis, will be attending the Gala!! They're the definition of Fabulous and we are so Honored that they are attending!! 
  • If you haven't sent your RSVP in, do so!! *If you've emailed about it then don't worry, we've got you covered .
  • If you have ANY questions regarding Gala please email our Gala Chair at
  • Be on the lookout for a "Get Ready for Gala" email! A lot of fun details about the Gala heading your way!! 

So excited for our Events benefiting Genesis Women's Shelter!! Especially, in the spirit of International Women's (which really should be everyday !!).